Partnership Team

WayneWayne Gaudet is a full-time real estate investor, contributing writer and investment analyst. He has been investing and helping others invest in real estate for the more than 7 years.

Wayne has worked as in the IT field as a technician and as an IT management for over 20 years. He is part Owner of 4 More LTD. and he handles the day to day operations of the business, oversees the renovations, performs the marketing and oversees the management of your investment properties. He was introduced to real estate management at a very young age by his father. Wayne is native of Montreal, Quebec. His background includes three years in the Canadian Armed Forces.

He realized very quickly that not only could real estate be a method to combine both his education and acquired skills, but that it could also be a great way to build wealth.

Over the years, Wayne gained experience as an investment strategist helping other evaluate real estate investments opportunities.  Using this knowledge he personally owns more than $2,000,000 in Canadian income properties, has done work on houses that were flipped, helped put together condo conversion deals, including deals working with investment partners.

With the unique opportunities currently available in the U.S. real estate market Wayne is looking to reproduce his Canadian success south of the border. Wayne has been working with several real estate mentors and educators for the past two years learning the market specific details needed to succeed in U.S. real estate, including corporate liability and tax structures.

Throughout the journey, he learned that many investors were frustrated with below average returns, lack of public education, and paying high fees every year even when their portfolios weren’t performing.  He helped found 4 More LTD., a company which works to both educate and align investors, from small to commercial size, with stable and secure real estate investment opportunities.

Currently Wayne is in charge of investment analysis and client development.  His thorough due diligence and eye for fine detail help him bring only the best deals forward to investors.

Looking to take advantage of the existing U.S. opportunities and work exclusively with investment partners to offering consistent, above average returns, and never any management fees or expenses, that other investments charge. Wayne and 4 More LTD. is attracting many investors that want to take advantage of the benefits of investing in real estate without having to become a landlord.

When not thinking real estate, Wayne’s passions include fitness, biking, and spending time traveling.