Our Partnerships

Partnership4 More Ltd. is always looking for partners to invest in multi-unit building for cash flow and long term appreciation.

This is a turnkey opportunity for investors.    4 More Ltd. will be responsible for all management and administrative responsibilities of investment properties.

As a partner with 4 More Ltd. you will be investing in properties we have identified and evaluated as being cash flow positive and likely to appreciate over time.

We are looking for investors who will commit to investing funds approximately five years or more. This time is needed to realize returns from property appreciation and choose the most advantageous time to liquidate the property.

We hope you find the information on this site helpful and valuable and look forward to our successful partnership.

Our approach is hands-on, targeting properties that we believe are undervalued, and where value can be created through focused operational and financial management. We seek smaller, more entrepreneurial transactions, typically between 20 and 50 units, that are too large for most individual investors but too small for the large commercial investors.

The result is a dynamic Real Estate Partnership opportunity that is second to none. The 4 More Difference is simple:

  • Profit:  We only invest in properties that create substantial Cash Flow Returns for our partners. Our strategically located markets are among the best in the US, and provide higher than average Return on Investments for our Real Estate Investment Partners.
  • Knowledge:  With a combined experience of over 15 years in Real Estate, we are experts in the field of Real Estate Investment. We have intimate knowledge of the cities, neighborhoods, and buildings that we invest in.
  • Safety:  We protect every one of our Partners from day one. All funds are wired directly to an independent third party Title Company escrow account; all funds are held until the actual property closing occurs.
  • Security:  Each property is professionally managed by one of our trusted Property Management Companies. We ensure Security for every one of our Partners: Quality Renovation, Diligent Tenant Screening, and Precise Building Inspections are all done by us so you don’t have to. So you get the rewards of property ownership without the headaches of property ownership.

To find out about our partnership just visit our calendar page to book a call back.